Gordon Bennett Associates - Specialist Surveyors & Land Agents in Property and Land Procurement in Bristol and the South West Region

In essence, we act to identify opportunities for clients seeking short, long or medium term land for residential, commercial or leisure development or use, or existing properties for occupation or conversion.

Our work is undertaken on a success-only basis, and GBA endeavour to assist in all stages of the process from identification of a land, property or finance opportunity, through negotiation up to formal instruction and exchange of contracts.

We specialise in off-market introductions, that allow the client direct contact with the potential vendor or purchaser, and the chance to develop a relationship of trust and understanding that can prove invaluable in helping to resolve any issues that may arise at a later stage in the contractual process.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive knowledge of land and property throughout the South-West, not only based on land ownerships, but also on pre-planning enquiries, and our network of landowners and contacts in all areas of the business is substantial. 

What We Don't Do

For the avoidance of any doubt, it may be helpful to know that we do not offer a valuation service of any kind, and while we do occasionally market residential and commercial sites, our emphasis is very much on providing a land introductory service to clients.

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